Auto and General Southeast Asia Increased Site Speed by 60% with Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare

Auto & General Southeast Asia Increased Site Speed by 60% with Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare

Auto and General Southeast Asia Increased Site Speed by 60% with Rackspace Technology and Cloudflare

SAN ANTONIO – March 31, 2022Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end, multicloud technology solutions company, today announced insurance solution provider Auto & General Southeast Asia (SEA) increased site speed by 60%, optimized application performance, and enhanced security of its cloud infrastructure by deploying Rackspace Managed Services on Cloudflare.

Auto & General SEA is part of an international insurance group, which provides insurance solutions for millions of policyholders across four continents. Headquartered in the British Isles, the wider group generates more than $2b in annual revenue with their primary focus on digital business. The Auto & General SEA brands include Budget Direct Insurance Singapore and EasyCompare Thailand.

The company needed a cost-effective solution and a collaborative managed services partner that would implement robust security measures to maintain PCI compliance. In addition, the security solution needed to protect against cyber threats and meet stringent insurance industry compliance regulations, without compromising site performance.

Auto & General SEA worked with Rackspace Technology to deploy Rackspace Managed Services on Cloudflare to easily deploy the latest security features to combat evolving cyber threats, meet security requirements, and move to a security solution seamlessly. By working with Rackspace Managed Services on Cloudflare, Auto & General SEA deployed an Edge Security solution that included a web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, domain name system (DNS) services, and a global content delivery network (CDN).

“Website performance was optimized with CDN and DNS services that allowed dynamic content acceleration, static content caching, and image optimization. For example, code minification reduced the amount of code and markup on web pages and script files which in turn, reduced load times and bandwidth usage, and improved the overall end-user experience,” said Sandeep Bhargava, Senior Vice President, and Managing Director APJ for Rackspace Technology. “In addition, real-time analysis is enabled through high-level access to dashboards, and malicious traffic is blocked before it reaches the web application, resulting in lower web server utilization costs and reduced bandwidth consumption.”

“We have experienced improvements in our web and mobile site delivery with latency being reduced and increased our website page load time by 60% using Rackspace Managed Services on Cloudflare. This has helped keep customers on our site,” said, Koji Yung, Infrastructure and Security Manager, Auto & General (SEA). “We now have access to 24x7x365 support from certified cloud security experts who help with fine-tuning and changes to our infrastructure. Rackspace Technology helps to ensure the ever-growing online presence of Auto & General SEA is secured and optimized.”

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