Get to know today’s private cloud

Dan Houdek

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We so often hear that public cloud is where you find innovation, agility and exciting new tech like artificial intelligence and containers. Conversely, private cloud is where many enterprises reside, ‘stuck’ with stuffy, boring legacy set-ups due to security, governance, compliance and performance demands.

These stereotypes no longer apply.

The next-generation private cloud fosters greater interoperability between public and private clouds, enabling a hybrid cloud environment that delivers real value to the business. Hyperscale providers have forged relationships with software providers such as VMware to create services that can span across public and private clouds, whether on or off premises, so users don’t have to be concerned about choosing one over the other — or worried whether they’re making the right decision.

The white paper, “Changing the cloud conversation: Elevating the value of private cloud through innovative technologies” digs into this topic. In just 5–10 minutes of reading, you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of public cloud — and the case for private cloud
  • How the next generation of private cloud will change everything
  • Ways in which a hybrid cloud environment delivers real value to businesses
  • Five key steps to accelerate enterprise IT modernization with hybrid cloud

As the white paper states, “Rackspace Technology believes the next-generation private cloud is the impetus for changing the cloud conversation from focusing on which platform, to focusing on business outcomes.”

“It’s also possible to bring technologies such as AI and ML from the public cloud domain and into the private by using APIs to make such capabilities accessible when needed,” the report adds. “Such APIs make private clouds operate more efficiently. Say a hospital wants to use an AI application but can’t put its data in the cloud due to privacy concerns. With an API call to a public cloud-based AI application, the modern private cloud can use AI at will.”

Let us help you re-imagine your private cloud — one that enables secure, multicloud, low-latency connectivity and operates more efficiently. We’re here to guide you to greater agility and ease of use while maintaining the key benefits of a private cloud for enhanced security, cost containment, performance and data privacy. Take the first step by downloading your copy of, “Changing the cloud conversation: Elevating the value of private cloud through innovative technologies.”


Re-imagine your private cloud.