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The World Is Ripe for RPA

The world is ripe for automation, but it can’t spread fast enough. Is Robot Process Automation (RPA) the catalyst we’re missing?

Automation is has existed for over 30 years. Yet, the percentage of tasks that could be, and have been automated, is very, very low. Why is that?

Part of the problem is that historically, most automation has been built by IT professionals. This trend is shifting. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), non-technical professionals can also become the builders as automation becomes simple to create for business as well as technical users. Imagine if your marketing professionals, sales professionals and human resource professionals could automate their tasks. The potential for efficiency and productivity gains is astounding. And your employees would be freed from the repetitive elements of their roles, making them feel more satisfied at work.

On the latest episode of Cloud Talk, Rajesh Radhakrishnan, EVP of Intelligent Automation & Digital Workforce Solutions at Automation Anywhere, joins Jeff DeVerter, CTO of Solutions at Rackspace Technology, for a deep dive into RPA. Automation Anywhere is one of the leaders in the RPA space, and Rajesh has some great insight on the following:

  • Defining RPA and RPA use cases
  • Learning about RPA and personal development
  • Combining AI and RPA
  • Robotic process automation evolving into cognitive automation
  • The Automation Anywhere growth story

Rajesh Radhakrishnan explains how RPA will allow us to be more human at work by not focusing on repetitive robot-like tasks. “This is an opportunity to kind of redefine how we do work, where bots and humans are collaborating with each other much more effectively. In some ways, you’re taking out the robot from the human, and allowing the human to really be more human, which is to make the decisions.”

Jeff DeVerter gives numerous use cases for RPA, including onboarding. “Imagine a new employee gets hired and they’re registered in the main system that HR has. How many companies then swivel chair: put them into AD, create their email account, send them a welcome email, send a note to their manager that they showed up and registered. These are all things that individuals probably sit and spend 30 minutes per employee to get done. These are very known elements that need to happen and happen every time, so make a great candidate for a bot to go off and solve.”

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