Cloud Talk with Juan Riojas, Nihar Gupta

Why It’s Time for Your Company to Take Data Seriously — And How to Get Started

More data is generated each day than ever before. So why we doing so little with it?

We live in uncertain times, but there’s one thing we can count on: data is exploding. That’s true whether you consider how much data exists, how rapidly new data is being added, or the tools and capabilities now available to make sense of everything. But what can companies do with all that data — and why should they be taking it seriously?

Rackspace CDO Juan Riojas and General Manager, Data Services Nihar Gupta have plenty of thoughts on the subject. Riojas is a self-proclaimed data geek who spends his time elevating data as an enterprise asset, while accelerating time to value and time to insight. Gupta oversees Rackspace data products and solutions, from database management to analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Together, these leaders aim to recognize and unlock the benefits and value of data at Rackspace, and to help customers modernize their own data platforms to achieve great things.

Both Riojas and Gupta agree that companies don’t often  commit to working with data because it just seems too overwhelming. “But it’s not meant to be a big multi-year transformation — a daunting task where you don’t even know where to start,” says Gupta.

Riojas concurs, suggesting companies start small: “If you could get one or two metrics reliably, consistently, every day, what would they be?” he asks.  “Then build on that success.”

Interested in taking your first steps on the data journey? Then you’ll be glad to hear it’s the topic of the latest Cloud Talk. In just 30 minutes, Riojas, Gupta and Rackspace CTO Jeff DeVerter explore how to:

  • Progress from point-of-realization to a vision for making sense of data
  • Focus on golden sources, get a few key elements working well, and build from there
  • Think of data as a virtual supply chain — and reap the benefits that brings
  • Take advantage of the cloud’s scalability and analytical features
  • Prioritize which questions to ask from your data
  • Build a 360-degree view of customers, boosting retention and satisfaction
  • Establish a strong foundation to become an insight-rich organization

According to Riojas , things really fall into place once you think of data as strategic insight, instead of a liability. Then, the right questions start being asked: How do you keep improving the customer experience? How do you keep your operation efficient? What is your end goal?

Soon, you’ll begin to build a future that can boost customer satisfaction and revenue — although Riojas recommends you avoid focusing on monetization. Through clever use of data and personalization, he says “the monetization journey is already beginning anyway, because you generate more leads.”

Gupta elaborates: “When you’ve that full view of the customer, that tells you what they’re doing with your products, or what they might want in the future,” he says. “Then you can start to think of other questions you’d like to ask.” This creates a better experience and improves retention. And, as Gupta notes, in light of the challenges everyone’s seeing in the market, keeping customers happy is more critical than ever.

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