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Transforming Creative Production in Design and Digital Agencies with Platform Engineering

Reduce costs, boost security and drive innovation for a competitive advantage.

Platform engineering is changing the way design, advertising and digital agencies operate by allowing agencies to optimize their workflows, drive innovation and accelerate their delivery of high-quality projects. From standardizing development environments to automating delivery pipelines, platform engineering enables creative teams to focus on what they do best: producing impactful, data-driven campaigns that exceed customer expectations.

Let's examine the benefits that platform engineering brings to agencies.


Streamline development workflows

Agencies often juggle multiple projects with varying technical requirements. Platform engineering can standardize development environments, tools and processes, reducing setup times for new projects and allowing teams to focus on creative solutions rather than complex IT.

Enhance collaboration and creativity

Self-service portals and standardized tools empower creative and technical teams to work more autonomously, boosting collaboration. This autonomy also fuels creativity by giving teams the freedom to experiment without having to rely on IT support to provision services.

Accelerate prototyping and deployment

Design and advertising projects often require rapid prototyping to meet client expectations and deadlines. Platform engineering supports this by providing pre-configured templates and automated deployment pipelines, enabling quicker feedback cycles and faster iterations on creative concepts.

Ensure scalability for campaigns

Ad campaigns can cause unpredictable traffic spikes to digital assets, but platform engineering facilitates dynamic scaling of resources to efficiently handle these surges. This approach provides a smooth user experience without requiring manual intervention or excess provisioning of resources.

Maintain consistent security and compliance

Platform engineering integrates security best practices into every project stage from development to deployment, protecting sensitive client data and meeting regulatory requirements. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure agencies can securely handle client information and maintain compliance.

Reduce operational costs

By automating repetitive tasks and standardizing on cloud services, agencies can reduce their reliance on specialized IT support and pare down operational costs. These savings can then be redirected toward creative and strategic initiatives.

Drive innovation through data

Platform engineering can provide advanced analytics and monitoring tools, allowing deeper insight into user engagement and campaign performance. These insights allow creative teams to make data-driven decisions to enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Boost client satisfaction and retention

The agility and efficiency provided by platform engineering can accelerate project turnaround times, elevate output quality, and boost client satisfaction and retention. The ability to quickly adapt and respond to client feedback often serves as a differentiator among agencies.


The benefits of partnering with a service provider

Technology leaders are acutely aware of the cognitive load their development teams face. With the primary focus on delivering products and features that drive business value, adding the responsibility of managing and optimizing the underlying platform can lead to decreased productivity and increased burnout among developers. Platform engineering, as a distinct function, alleviates this burden. It enables a dedicated and focused team of specialists to concentrate on building and maintaining a robust, secure and efficient platform, which is the foundation upon which developers build and release software. 

The separation of platform engineering processes from developer teams also presents a strategic opportunity to partner with experts in the field. This approach leverages the knowledge and experience of specialists in tune with the latest best practices, security standards and operational efficiencies.

An expert partner like Rackspace Technology can help you navigate the complexities of infrastructure management so that your developer team can focus on its core competencies: creating innovative products and solutions that align with your business goals. For CEOs, this translates to a more focused and productive development team and more resilient and agile IT infrastructure, optimized for both current and future needs, ultimately leading to a stronger competitive advantage.


Proven expertise

Rackspace is a thought leader in this rapidly evolving space with a proven track record of delivering the benefits of platform engineering for enterprise and mid-market corporations. We have helped our customers realize the returns faster than they would have one their own, and in the process, becoming a trusted extension of their developer community. Notable achievements include fast time to market for product teams, low attrition rates, fast onboarding for new developers and engineers, and large reductions in MR queues.

The purpose of investing in platform engineering is to build a foundation for long-term success and growth. Agencies that embrace platform engineering will be well-positioned to adapt and thrive. By leveraging automation, standardization and data-driven insights, these agencies can deliver modern solutions that exceed client expectations.

To understand how platform engineering can streamline your creative processes, contact our team for an ideation and strategy formulation workshop. Let's build a future where your business leads with technical innovation and efficiency.

Stay tuned as we unpack the transformative potential of platform engineering. 

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