Have we got news for you

Have we got news for you

[caption id="attachment_246" align="alignleft" width="129" caption="Chairman, Graham Weston"]Chairman, Graham Weston[/caption]

It’s been a busy week at Rackspace UK with the arrival of Graham Weston (Chairman) and Lanham Napier (President and CEO) for a week-long visit.  We held an exclusive journalist cocktail event for both of them with key UK media and to announce the launch of our cloud computing solution, aimed at both SMBs and large enterprises. Key publications in attendance at the event included the BBC, The Guardian, SC Magazine, eWeek, ZDNet, V3.co.uk, Data Center Magazine and Computer Weekly. New stories have featured on ZDNet, V3.co.uk and eWeek!


[caption id="attachment_247" align="alignright" width="126" caption="CEO and President, Lanham Napier"]CEO and President, Lanham Napier[/caption]

Lanham also featured in a programme on CNBC about cloud computing and Rackspace’s growth and was quoted saying, “The reason the markets rewarded us with high growth and high profits is we take this technology, we bundle it with a world class person called a ‘Racker’ and we make this a world class service experience.”

We expect to deliver our cloud service to UK customers from our UK datacentres from Q4 2010 and have taken a two-pronged approach, offering public cloud to SMBs, based around XenServer and a hybrid offering for larger enterprises based on VMWare.

We’re thrilled to be looking at a future where companies will be able to get rid of all back-end IT hardware in their offices and remove many of the management headaches they currently experience. It will also benefit businesses because they can now pay for cloud infrastructure in pounds – a great benefit with the current volatility of currencies.

Today, all sizes of companies are looking for flexible, cost-effective IT which will take the heat off their IT staff and make IT work for the business, and this technology is called cloud computing. Cloud will enable companies to buy IT on-demand and without the need to make large CapEx investments, which is why we’re absolutely Fanatical about our news today. Cloud is the future, and Rackspace is your path to that future.

Overall, a fantastic week at Rack central!