Rackspace Wins At The Green IT Awards

Rackspace is known for the Fanatical Support we give our customers and when it comes to the environment, we're just as Fanatical! We at Rackspace are proud of our commitment to the environment and that is why we are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious title of 'Team of the Year' by the Green IT Awards.

We have, for example, helped hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world lower their carbon footprint, while at the same time concentrate on growing their business, by taking care of their hosting needs. By moving them over from in-house data centres to our energy-efficient data centres, we help companies cut their energy bill and with that their carbon footprint. Plus, as an extra incentive to be green, we plant a tree for every new server put online - just do a little bit more!

We scooped the award in part to our new super sustainable office in Hayes. As with any business, the more we grew our customer base the more Rackers we had to employee to help, combine that with the launch of the UK cloud in January and our old Rackspace HQ quickly ran out of breathing room.

So to expand and evolve, we planned and designed an office which would allow us to reduce our impact on the environment and be the ultimate green work place. Our new office was created in an environmentally friendly way by using materials and furniture from our old office, designed to be more energy efficient, close to public transport and including facilities to recycle. Our new office fit out was also done under BREEAM accreditation.

We want to help businesses throughout the UK and the world by taking care of their hosting and removing the stress from their computing operations, but we want to do it the Rackspace way and that is the green way!