Disaster recovery aided by virtualisation

June 19th, 2013 - Virtualisation has been hailed as a technology with many benefits and has recently been the subject of attention regarding its abilities within disaster recovery.

Tech news site GlobalGold.co.uk reports that, although data loss can have a significant impact on the finances and reputation of a company, only around half of businesses review their plans for disaster recovery on an annual basis.

The site also states that just over a third of companies test their disaster recovery plans as often as every month. This result is surprising as, should an error in a data centre cause widespread data loss, the results could be devastating for some companies.

Virtualisation has been recognised as a useful solution to the disaster recovery problem. According to the website, data recovery expert Adrian Briscoe stated that businesses that do not include developments such as virtual servers in their data centres could encounter massive problems and expenses in recovering data if an incident occurred.

If stored on virtual servers that were supplied by managed hosting companies, data would be far easier to recover in the event of a failure and could save enterprises a lot of money, as well as IT departmental time.

Disaster recovery can be an area of IT that is frequently ignored, despite its potentially devastating effects on businesses of all sizes. However, technologies such as virtualisation and cloud computing which rely less on physical machines to operate have been put forward as effective safeguards and alternative storage options against system failures.