Alemba selects Rackspace flexible cloud services to reach new customers

Rackspace, the technology services company, has enabled Alemba to adopt a Software-as-a-Service service model in the cloud, a critical move in its evolution to provide services to its customers. The IT service management (ITSM) software provider utilised  Rackspace Service BlocksTM, the subscription-based cloud consumption model, to design and secure multi-tenant SaaS architectures. This simplifies Alemba’s product development, allowing for faster innovation and reduces operating costs.

Headquartered in the UK, Alemba boasts global customers across a range of sectors from retail to education, including Sony, Daimler Benz, Games Workshop and Cardiff University. With growing recognition for the benefits of the cloud, the market demand for SaaS-based setups was on the rise, particularly among small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Facing an opportunity to reach new customers and cement its market leadership, Alemba migrated from its on-premise model to Amazon Web Services (AWS). But the migration proved complex and Alemba’s small IT team had to devote most of its resources to understanding the new platform, as well as figuring out how to best manage the financial model.

Alemba determined that it needed an experienced partner to support it on the project, appointing Rackspace to build its SaaS offering for SMBs, as well as to design and manage a customised infrastructure that could support both SMB and enterprise customers, while keeping costs, and in turn prices, manageable.

Rackspace Service Blocks allows customers to select, combine, add, or change on-demand cloud services to address their unique needs. This flexible model has allowed Alemba to tap into Rackspace’s security expertise and enhance its own credentials, meeting the extremely stringent requirements of many of its customers.

Simon Nugent, CEO at Alemba, said: “We operate in a competitive landscape and having a flexible offering gives us a unique edge in the market. Rackspace affords us with the ability to innovate faster and reduces our costs of operations, which significantly and positively impacts our business as a whole. Without Rackspace’s capabilities and the Rackspace Service Blocks model, we wouldn’t have been able to build out our offering for new customers.”

Nick Henry, General Manager, Managed Public Cloud, EMEA at Rackspace, said: “Agility is a key priority for many businesses and a flexible cloud model is the answer, enabling them to scale up and down when required by consuming the right services at the right time. Every company has individual, changing needs on their cloud journey and we’re proud to provide a service that supports businesses like Alemba when and where they need it.”

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About Rackspace

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About Alemba

Alemba develops Alemba Service Manager, a highly functional, 100% ITIL-compliant IT Service Management tool with a specific focus on request fulfilment. Backed by 25 years of heritage, Alemba Service Manager enables users to respond quickly to business demands by dramatically reducing time to request fulfilment through automated workflowed integration.

Alemba’s unique pricing model takes into account different levels of participation within organisations, offering an interface for every kind of user. With a strong consultancy background, unrivalled expertise in the Service Management market, and a strong focus on customer experience, Alemba is ideally positioned to deliver a successful, end-to-end Service Management project within your organisation.