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Tooling & Automation Navigator Aviator
Access to best practice document repository
  • FAQs
  • Reference architectures
  • Deployment recommendations
Access to Rackspace Opinionated Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
  • Ability to deploy opinionated resource templates employing Rackspace best practices.

Base templates only - customer must deploy

Access to complete template library and up to 5 custom templates – Rackspace will deploy

Azure monitoring
  • Automated alert generation from predefined monitors
  • Integration with Rackspace incident management systems

Platform monitoring only

Access to Rackspace Azure customer portal

Fanatical Support for Azure Control Panel
  • Access to Rackspace Azure customer portal

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Human Experts Navigator Aviator
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Personal contact for ongoing business and technical assistance
Technical Onboarding Manager (TOM)
  • Personal contact to assist with onboarding

Initial guidance only

Coordinate the process of getting your workloads up and running on Azure

Architecture guidance
  • Combined set of Microsoft and Rackspace recommendations from certified Azure architects

Guidance for standard use cases

Hands-on design, customized to your specific application

Operating System Support– IaaS VMS
  • Server deployment
  • Managed OS patching
  • Managed antivirus
  • Managed backup
  • Remote management and troubleshooting (Windows & Linux)
Deployment Activities
  • Resource deployments performed by Rackspace engineers
Change Management
  • Resource deployments performed by Rackspace engineers
Escalation Support
  • Ownership of incidents and issues relating to Azure, to include the use of Microsoft Premier Support on customer’s behalf
    • Please see Supported Services appendix for a list of Azure features currently covered under this offering.
Escalation/Remediation Runbook
  • Rackspace coordinated custom runbook design and execution.
Monthly account review
  • Review Microsoft best practices and Rackspace recommendations
  • Review resource usage and cost optimization opportunities
  • Technical environment review (alerts, performance)
  • Runbook evaluation
Response Times

Urgent: < 4 hours
Standard: < 24 hours

Emergency: < 15 min
Urgent: < 1 hour
Standard: < 4 hours

Add-on Services Navigator Aviator
Migration Assistance
  • Assistance getting your app and data migration to Azure
  • Depending on requirements, available from Rackspace and/or Rackspace-approved partners

Additional Services Available

Additional Services Available

Detailed Solution Design
  • Detailed Azure design based on application and requirements analysis

Additional Services Available

Custom DevOps Professional Services

Additional Services Available

Additional Services Available

Managed Identity and Access
  • Implementation Services
  • User and Group Synchronization
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Application Integration
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Support Services

For more detailed information, please see our Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure Service Guide.

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