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Put Our Certified Database Administrators to Work for You

Database administrators (DBAs) are often the unsung heroes of the IT organization, but skilled Database administration is hard to find. That’s where Rackspace can help.

Our certified DBAs are with you through every stage of your project — whether you’re in the early stages of your lifecycle, or you’re about to undergo a major re-architecture — helping you make decisions that are crucial to the future of your applications.

And we’re available 24x7x365 — ready to provide support for your NoSQL and MySQL database hosting databases running on dedicated hardware or Rackspace Managed Cloud Servers. By allowing us to handle the administrative tasks, your IT team can focus on projects that grow your business.

Guidance for Your Journey

Our DBAs are here to guide you no matter where you are in your journey — from architecture and design to administration and monitoring.

Freedom to Innovate

We take the administrative burden off of your database professionals, freeing them to discover data insights and provide deep value to your organization.

Trusted Expertise

We actively manage multiple petabytes of data for some of the world’s most recognizable companies — including Braze, Weight Watchers, MapMyFitness and Untappd.

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Relational SQL: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle

Let our Relational SQL experts handle the details, so you can focus on making the most of your data.

Database Design and Architecture
Best Practice Guidelines
Our in-house DBAs provide guidelines for the design and use of supported database technologies.
Get access to our knowledgebase — a wealth of useful technical information for the Rackspace community.
Community Support
Interact with other customers and our experts through the Rackspace Support Network — a place designed for sharing information, asking questions, troubleshooting and more.
Supplier Escalation
When we own the support contract, we can escalate to certain suppliers or open source communities on your behalf.
General Consultations
We will attempt to answer any question you have about any of the database architectures or platforms we support.
Architecture Review
Our team reviews the systems architecture that supports your database and, when necessary, we’ll engage additional engineers to facilitate the review process.
Partner Engagement
If we can't do it, we can help you find a partner who may be able to assist. Additional service or license fees may apply.
Administration & Monitoring
User Administration
We assist with the creation and management of user accounts for your database application.
Security Administration
We help configure user access controls and privileges based on your security needs.
Database Export and Import
We can load your data into our managed databases from other Rackspace managed databases — or make local exports of your data for you.
Database Health Monitoring
Our database monitoring tools monitor the general health of your system and alert us when there’s an issue for us to resolve.
Architecture Support
The database is normally one component of a much larger application architecture. Our DBAs will work with your subject matter experts to help ensure your database supports the needs of your entire architecture.
Architecture Design
As your needs change over time, our DBAs will advise you on how to design new database system architectures.
Advanced Infrastructure Monitoring
When you choose our DBArchitect service, you'll gain access to Advanced Infrastructure Monitoring tools, providing greater insight into the health of the network equipment supporting the database servers.
Data Resiliency
Database Setup and Configuration
We will install and configure your database to standard specifications and then customize settings to suit your requirements.
Cluster Setup and Configuration
Our Oracle DBAs are deeply involved at all phases of Oracle clustering.
Mirroring and Log Shipping
We will configure multiple databases for mirroring and/or log shipping as required by your database architecture needs.
Defined Maintenance Operations
DBA Services customers receive a standard, defined set of maintenance operations on their environments.
Failover Management and Recovery
Where high-availability and disaster response solutions are deployed, we help manage switchover during failure and test events.
Local and Managed Backups and Restores
We work with storage and backup engineers to configure and manage supported native backup technologies and our managed backup database agents.
Customized Maintenance Plans
We will develop individualized maintenance plans for one-time and/or complex maintenance events for your database related systems (e.g., data migrations, OS upgrades and database upgrades).
Refresh and Migrate Data Between Instances and Data Centers
We will develop one-time or recurring procedures for the exchange of data between databases managed by Rackspace. Additional licensing fees may apply if special tools are required.
Point-in-Time Recovery
We can restore your systems to a specified point in time, constrained by the limits of your architecture.
Availability Issues in Production
Our certified DBAs are available 24x7x365 to help respond to downtime events and performance degradations.
Database Backup Issues
We work with storage and backup engineers to resolve issues with restore or backup systems.
In-Depth Incident Retrospectives
Upon request, we will investigate database-related incidents and provide guidance on how to mitigate or avoid such incidents in the future.
Performance Tuning and Diagnostics
We help you identify optimizations, upgrades or changes that can help your database achieve better and more consistent performance. Additional license fees may apply.

€3,135 (€265 per hour) + €167/server/mo

Includes: 12 hours of service per month

€5,700 (€240 per hour) + €240/server/mo

Includes: 24 hours of service per month

NoSQL: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis

Let our NoSQL experts handle the day-to-day care and feeding of your NoSQL database, regardless of whether it’s hosted on-premises or with AWS, Microsoft® Azure® or Google. We also offer advanced design, architecture and planning services to keep your databases running at peak efficiency and performance.

Database Design and Architecture
Database Setup and Configuration
Let us handle all the details — including installing database software on standalone systems, creating databases, customizing initialization files, implementing best practices and more.
Database Export and Import
Our experts can import and export tables/schema or your entire database for you, letting you know of any errors and troubleshooting them as needed.
Security Administration
Let our teams perform your grant and revoke rules on your behalf across roles, users, system privileges and table privileges.
User Administration
Create users and grant appropriate privileges, drop users (schemas) and their contents, reset user (schema) passwords, modify user profile settings and model new users on existing users.
Architecture Review
Turn to our DBAs to review your existing database setup and provide guidance for optimizing your architecture and planning for growth.
Performance Tuning and Diagnostics
Our team will let you know of any slow-running queries or performance bottlenecks, diagnose the issue and present their recommended solutions.
Administration & Monitoring
Set Up Database Health Monitoring with Customer
Since the database resides outside of our managed environment, you will continue to be responsible for day-to-day database monitoring.
Failover Management and Recovery
Our DBAs are hands-on to ensure a smooth failover, whether it’s the result of production error or when recovering back to production after the error is resolved.
Restores from Backup
Let us restore your last good backup, to recover your databases and restore your operations.
Disk Backup
Our database monitoring tools monitor the general health of your system and alert us when there’s an issue for us to resolve.
Customized Maintenance Plans and Assistance
We provide maintenance plans and assist in the execution of data migrations between Rackspace managed environments, operating system upgrades or database reconfiguration.
Point-in-Time Recovery
Our team can perform database point-in-time recovery or directed restore (restore database to a different server) for disaster recovery scenarios. In addition, our team can duplicate a complete or partial database as needed to fix production table data.
Database Migration
Let us refresh and migrate your databases between your environments.
Availability Issues in Production
We’ll assist in bringing your database online and validating connectivity to the database from the database server.
Database Backup Issues
Let us work with you to troubleshoot backup issues and help ensure your database is backed up successfully at the required intervals.
In-Depth Incident Retrospective
Upon request, we will investigate database-related incidents and provide guidance on how to mitigate or avoid such incidents in the future.
Performance Tuning
We provide recommendations for architecture and/or business process improvements based on best practices.

€4,845 (€405 per hour)

Includes: 12 hours of service per month

€9,150 (€380 per hour)

Includes: 24 hours of service per month

Database Migration Support

When your complex database migration requires project management or project planning, our Rackspace Professional Services team has you covered. A Migration Specialist can help your developers and administrators plan, manage and execute a seamless migration.

For value-added expertise, a Rackspace DBA can assist with the migration by providing subject matter expertise and DBA consulting with your team throughout the Professional Services application migration. However, it is not within the scope of the DBA team to provide project planning or project management services.

"By hosting SQL Server 2012 with Rackspace, we have the scalability we need to spin up databases very quickly and cost-effectively, thanks to the cloud delivery model."

Paul Rushworth

Platform Manager, Xero

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