Rackspace improves agility and customer support for Onguard

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Onguard, the fintech company specialising in order-to-cash and credit management, has selected technology services company Rackspace to boost the agility of its customer operations.

With the Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware, Onguard is able to adapt even better to customer needs with enhanced automation on a single tenant, dedicated private cloud, with a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

In addition, the time to launch a new customer environment has been reduced from six hours to just 15 minutes in what was once a labour intensive exercise. Onguard can now also test all customer systems through built-in DTAP (Develop, Test, Acceptance and Production) environments, something that wasn’t possible before. Rackspace will continue to support Onguard as it expands to other European countries.

Using Onguard's intelligent platform to integrate data across all aspects of the order-to-cash process (using technology such as APIs, big data and AI), companies are able to create more efficient data-driven payment processes, to maintain good customer relationships. Rackspace has improved the speed at which Onguard can now respond to its customers when implementing new solutions. Using Rackspace's private cloud offering makes it easier for Onguard to respond to market demand, while ensuring that customers' environments and applications are always up to date.

Marieke Saeij, CEO at Onguard said: “Our new cloud solution enables us to help our clients with their digital transformation even better than before and adds to our customer success philosophy. We ensure an efficient order-to-cash process in which a long-term relationship with the customer is central. Working with Rackspace gives our customers peace of mind. They know they can trust us with their data and trust us to provide a high level of uptime and service, because we have Rackspace on board.

“It’s vital for us to have stringent security standards and Rackspace provides us with that.”

Bert Stam, General Manager, Nordics and Netherlands at Rackspace said: "We see that the financial sector often prefers a private cloud environment and work with trusted partners to secure their data. For an innovative fintech company like Onguard, it's crucial to remain agile to have a competitive edge. Using Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware makes it easier to respond to specific challenges. That way, Onguard can be confident that its business model is future proof".


About Onguard

In the last 25 years, Onguard has evolved from being a specialist in credit management software to being a market leader in innovative solutions for order-to-cash. Our integrated, intelligent platform ensures and optimal connection between all processes in the order-to-cash chain and allows for the sharing of critical data, using the latest technologies such as APIs, robotics, big data and AI.

Users in more than 50 countries worldwide use the Onguard platform daily for successful management and tangible results in order-to-cash and credit management.

As of February 2020, Onguard joins the Visma Group, further expanding the possibilities of our platform.