Surfline automates and accelerates the delivery of global surf and marine forecasts with AWS

Surfers, anglers, boaters and water enthusiasts now have reliable access to advanced tools, insights and immersive content so they can plan peak experiences.

Surfline Industry Media & Entertainment Challenge

Migrating environment onto the cloud for automated deployments and infrastructure management

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Our customer

Surfline is the top online destination for real-time surfing-related information and specializes in providing surf conditions and other ocean-weather data around the globe. has built the largest streaming coastal HD cam network available on the web. With a mission to enable enthusiasts to pursue peak surfing, the site has attracted an audience in the millions by merging data-driven surf forecasts with high-quality editorial content.

The obstacles they faced

To enable the scientific models that power its worldwide surf and marine forecasts, Surfline handles an enormous amount of data on a daily basis. The company approached Onica by Rackspace Technology to migrate its environment to the cloud while designing a solution that supported automated deployments and infrastructure management with no downtime.


How we helped

Working closely with the Surfline engineering team, Onica by Rackspace Technology simplified and automated all deployment processes using a combination of Chef, AWS CloudFormation and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Onica also brought DevOps best practices to Surfline, fully integrating development and operations.

What we achieved together

The resulting environment is completely automated, enabling multiple daily deployments as a result of continuous integration and delivery.

The time and cost to produce surf and weather forecasts was reduced, while increasing service uptime and reliability by orders of magnitude.

Surfline also leverages our Cloud OpsPilot services for ongoing support of their AWS environment.

Our dedicated team of 24x7x365 certified AWS experts have significantly reduced the number of late-night alerts to Surfline’s engineers and helped them deploy tactics from a cloud native mindset to achieve the maximum business value from the cloud and reach operational excellence. We are dedicated to continually innovating, evolving, and improving Surfline’s environment.

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