Install WebLogic as a container in Docker Windows Platform

by Kondapalli Sreeharsha, Oracle Applications Database Administrator, Rackspace Technology

Docker is a containerized platform that is easier to create, deploy and run the application as containers. Container is just something that I can put everything into. What we can do is, we can bundle up code,application,packages,dependencies, and configuration files into a container then we can pick this container up and we can move wherever we want. That means we can run in Dev and same can in PROD. So that we can get exact environment every single time.


Docker has made up for separate purpose and an alternative to VM because you don’t have to allocate RAM and it uses host OS. No hypervisor. It simply cut off installing multiple Operating systems in VM there by it is a light weighted.
Difference between Virtual Machines and Containers.


Virtual machine an underlying system includes hardware/infrastructure which includes physical machine and it’s OS. The hypervisor is a software which sits in between hardware and infrastructure. I’ve got my hardware, we’ve got hypervisor, we can install Linux on Windows and application, the configurations and ready to go. But why do we need to containerize everything? why we need to consider containers really comes down to that guest operating system that duplication of resources between every single VM. Because with the container, We don’t have to duplicate everything. So instead of having to create multiple operating systems over and over and over, and duplicating all of the stuff, we only uses host Operating system for every single deployment. So With this container, I can cut off using multiple OS. We only including that application and the needed libraries, packages, configuration files. Effectively, it’s like we are creating our own little micro environment.

Container Terminology

  • Docker File: It is kind of like our set of instructions to build one of these quote containers, using a Docker file we’re going to use a Linux like commands to define what does our container includes and where do the files go, what applications need to run, all that good stuff. Now technically the Docker file builds what is called an image.
  • Docker Image :: Docker image is immutable and it contains everything. It contains code, libraries, dependencies and configuration files needed to run an application that can run it inside of our EC2 instances ( AWS) or on my laptop or on-premise in our data center then we actually have the container.
  • Registry: It stores docker images for distribution. They can have public and private. Think it is a GitHub or docker hub
  • Container: A running copy of an image that has been created.
  • Finally Flow: We write a Docker file and from that Docker file we build an image and image we upload to registry and then from registry we download that image and run as a container.

Docker Architecture

  • We can create a image by issuing a build command which led by docker demon. This demon will act depends upon our code which write in a text file called docker file.
  • After image build, we can save it to registry and from there we can pull off this image and run as container.
  • Registry can be docker hub or GitHub

Step by step approach to install WebLogic12 as a container in docker.

1. Download Docker for Windows here and download Docker for Windows


And below msi file. Above docker version might be changed. We can download latest Docker software. After that, restart the system to take effect.


2. Create docker hub account and download weblogic12 image.

3. Pull off the image.

4. Connect using command prompt and install.

Once you have downloaded the container for windows, run the executable, Once done, you will see docker container open


We need to have the container running. Hence copy above command and paste on command prompt

C:\Users\****>docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started 769c5cbc827acc1f9896cd4fd8511ec6b9eb9822bd9e56f2d161bcf1c9a7b82c C:\Users\*****>docker login

Login with your Docker ID to docker hub and pull below image.

  • Username: Docker hub username
  • Password: Docker hub pwd

Login Succeeded

    1. Now login into docker hub and pull the weblogic12 image


C:\Users\kond1394>docker pull ismaleiva90/weblogic12

    1. To start the docker machine with 7001, 7002 and 5556 ports opened:

docker run -d -p 49163:7001 -p 49164:7002 -p 49165:5556 ismaleiva90/weblogic12:latest

:\Users\kond1394>docker run -d -p 49163:7001 -p 49164:7002 -p 49165:5556 ismaleiva90/weblogic12:latest

  1. Access weblogic using following port.

    http://localhost:49163/console User: weblogic Pass: welcome1



Container image is platform independent. We can test in Dev which run on different platform and later can move same image to PROD which can be run on any other platform.

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