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Manage Accounts

  • Access with specific per-account IAM permissions
  • CloudTrail and AWS Config preconfigured for comprehensive tracking and auditability
  • Identity and Permissions: cross-AWS account access and AWS Console federation

Audit & Monitor

  • Automated auditing compares your environments against AWS and Rackspace best practices occurs continuously.
  • Blended, time-series view of all Rackspace and AWS CloudTrail activity across all supported AWS accounts and regions.


  • Utilize best practice AWS Cloudformation templates
  • Opinionated VPC design including AZs, subnetsizing, public and private subnet layout, resilient HA NAT, etc.

100% Certified

  • AWS engineers and architects at your service
  • Hundreds of AWS Associate and Professional certifications

Lassen Sie uns über Ihren Bedarf sprechen

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