Unlock the A(I)dventure with Onica by Rackspace Technology

Play Knights of AI

Go on an A(I)dventure with a light sword in our Knights of AI game! Complete the knightly gestures in 30 seconds and you could win a prize! Once you complete the activity, you will get a cool GIF of your successful knightly gestures!

Knights of AI is a hands-on, interactive computer vision demonstration that showcases how serverless and AI/machine learning technologies combine to create an A(I)dventurous experience.

Key Amazon Web Services (AWS) products we’ll be featuring in our game include: Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Route53.

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Contest Rules:

- To participate, you will need to provide your name (First Name, Last Name, initial or alias) and email address.

  • Your name or alias will be displayed on the Activity Leaderboard (if applicable) if you are among the top scorers.
  • Your email address will be used to send you a GIF that is generated at the end of your 30 seconds session which compiles all the successful knightly gestures you completed. You may choose to share this GIF on social media.

- Rackspace Technology will not use any of the information collected during this activity other than for the purposes stated above.

- Participant has 30 seconds to complete 12 knightly gestures. Leading contestants will be featured on the Leaderboard, if applicable. Winner (top scorer) is determined by who completed the most poses (out of 12) the fastest. In the event of a tie, Rackspace Technology will draw a name at random from the group of tied contestants.

- A participant can play the game more than once, but can get only one light sword and can only win a prize from the leaderboard once during the duration of Knights of AI demo.

- Link to Rackspace Privacy Policy https://www.rackspace.com/information/legal/privacycenter


Knights of AI with two knights and two lightsabers