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Microsoft AI can detect security flaws with 99% accuracy

Microsoft has released an AI-powered tool to help developers categorize bugs and features that need to be addressed in forthcoming releases.

Keumars Afifi-Sabet / Cloud Pro

Editor's note:

This work from Microsoft represents a meaningful connection between artificial intelligence (AI) and the practical technological world. Microsoft is rapidly becoming an expert at the thoughtful application of AI to pressing, real issues. Given their scope of visibility into security issues ranging from raw kernels all the way into the application layer, software companies are very well positioned to take the lead in security, and this reiterates that advantage.

Services like these are precisely why public cloud providers are so far ahead. Large companies are able to combine the expertise of various areas within their vast businesses and produce unique capabilities others simply can’t replicate. This is nothing new, but it should serve as a reminder that specialization is the path forward as infrastructure and related services are continuously commoditized. Leverage these services instead of building them on your own, and use the extra time to go build differentiated capability within your industry, instead.

- Larry

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