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Building A Connective Tissue with Google Cloud Anthos

As life continues to shift in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how technology will change.

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As life continues to shift in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how the manner in which we consume technology will change, as well.

It’s become clear that the cloud is resilient. And growth across all cloud providers, even during a difficult economic period, showcases how many companies are turning to the cloud to support new ways of working and new ways of serving consumers. So, what’s next?

Nirav Sheth, Director of Partner and ISV Specialist Sales at Google Cloud, predicts the proliferation of multicloud – a combination of clouds, SaaS solutions and data centers that work together to support the digital agility that businesses need right now. 

This is why Sheth is excited about the launch of Google Cloud Anthos, a new platform that serves as a connective layer between multiple clouds and services. The goal of Anthos is to provide a consistent experience across all deployments and enable a multicloud approach.

Google has an interesting cloud story around its nine service offerings that support more than a billion active users. Google Cloud's commitment to open source technologies and the release of Kubernetes shows its dedication to the industry and to driving innovation. This all ties back to the ultimate goal at Google Cloud: building platforms and services that meet customers where they are, and supporting their journey at their own speed.

Listen to this episode of the Cloud Talk podcast to learn more about:

  • How Google Cloud Anthos serves as connective tissue between IT infrastructure
  • What Google Cloud Anthos means for the future of  multicloud
  • Sheth’s observations on how COVID-19 will change cloud consumption
  • How Google Cloud and Rackspace Technology™ work together to provide a strong partner experience

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