Protect Your Web Apps from Sophisticated Attacks

Managed Web Application Firewalls, for Application-Layer Protection

As a gateway for all incoming traffic to your web application, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is in a perfect position to filter out malicious visitors and requests.

By adding a WAF to your environment, you can defend against SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion (RFI) and more, while boosting detection accuracy via flexible rule sets with anomaly scoring.

End-to-End Application Security

Threat Protection

Our Impreva-powered WAF uses traffic-inspection technology and crowdsourcing techniques, together with security expertise, to deliver end-to-end application security.

Custom Rules

Configure rules according to your specific security needs, based on IP reputation, URL slug, client type, number of requests, geo-data and more.

Fine-Tuned Service

Block threats, while minimizing false positives and service disturbances. Operate in blocking mode to eliminate false positives altogether.

Exception Handling

Override default security rules by applying your own whitelisting policies — for more control over your WAF.

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