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Discount program for SaaS companies

Whether you build cutting-edge mobile, social, BI, or big data applications—or you're thinking about rearchitecting your existing on-premise applications—the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model is a critical foundation for next-generation applications.

You need a reliable hosting provider for your application. But Rackspace goes further, offering a SaaS Program that includes tools, technical resources, a discounting structure, a business apps marketplace, and Fanatical Support® for your hosted infrastructure.

When you join the program, you get:

  • Placement and listing in the Rackspace business applications marketplace
  • A discount for your dedicated and cloud hosting needs (see below)
  • "Powered by Rackspace" logo usage in your sales and marketing tools and resources
  • Input and briefings on the Rackspace product roadmap
  • Access to Rackspace product betas
  • Opportunities to distribute press releases and blog posts
  • Selective eligibility for joint go-to-market initiatives
  • Access to collateral and technical reference architectures
  • Technical resources, training, and content

Rewarding your commitment

Discounts on dedicated hosting

Preferential pricing for your dedicated environment up to 15%

Discounts on cloud hosting

Discount Term
$1,500 total cloud credit First 12 months of account ownership only.
(Begins on cloud account signup date.)

Learn more about the benefits of our SaaS program.

Apply Now

Note: The SaaS Program is limited to SaaS companies. Rackspace defines a SaaS company as one whose primary business is building, developing, and delivering its own proprietary software or application to its end customers. For example, a company whose primary business is insurance but which only uses Rackspace to host an on-demand application for one of their products would not qualify for this program.

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