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Easily manage your infrastructure—anytime, anywhere

It's never been easier to manage your infrastructure. Using the self-service tools and performance data in our control panels, you can quickly make decisions and take action to keep your infrastructure running as optimally as possible.

We design our control panels for simplicity and ease of use. You'll see:

  • Easy-to-navigate interfaces that use familiar language.
  • Curated content that displays what's most useful to you, so you don't waste time trying to find for what you need.
  • Integrated support that enables you to submit and manage tickets online and that offers fast answers from Rackers™ in our Community Forum.

Cloud Control Panel

Quickly access your cloud products with a single click. From the Cloud Control Panel, you can perform everything from basic to advanced administrative tasks:

  • Spin up cloud servers and create databases.
  • Check the status of your servers, databases, and other products.
  • Upload, download, and share important content with Cloud Files.
  • Manage your DNS settings.
  • Load balance web traffic.
  • Create and manage backups.

...and more.

To make things as easy as possible, hybrid customers can log in to the Cloud Control Panel with a single sign-on (SSO) from my.rackspace.com.

Cloud Control Panel

Cloud control and monitoring on the go

Quickly and easily manage Cloud Servers, Cloud Files, and Cloud Load Balancers from anywhere with our mobile app. Use your mobile device to perform basic tasks like pinging or rebooting a server, and see in-depth, on-the-go monitoring information for your cloud environment.

With instant access to visualize the health of your infrastructure, application, or workload, you can respond quickly and proactively to potential issues. And if something isn't performing optimally, alerts will notify you so you can take immediate action.

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Sign up for a cloud account, and easily manage your infrastructure—anytime, from anywhere.

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Managed Hosting Control Panel

My.rackspace.com enables you to access and manage your dedicated hosting products from a single location.

  • View system health reports for performance, bandwidth, backups, and availability.
  • Manage DNS settings, zones, and records.
  • Set, manage, and change access rules for your firewalls.

Manage your virtual machines (VMs)—spin them up or down, and create templates to enable rapid provisioning.

...and more.

Customizable user permissions help ensure the right people have the right access to your account. You can define individual and group accounts, and set customized access levels for each.

MyRackspace Control Panel

Mobile support

My.rackspace.com is optimized for on-the-go access, so you can check device status and create and manage tickets from your tablet or smartphone.

Enjoy easy infrastructure management with custom hosted products—anytime, anywhere.

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