Which Cloud Technologies Will Drive Your Customer Experience?

Determine The Right Cloud Foundation To Power Engaging Customer Interactions.

In order to provide next-level digital experiences, you need to balance the modernization of existing applications with the adoption of new ones. And a key factor in your ability to deliver these modern technologies and approaches is choosing the right foundation for your digital platforms.

To help you choose the right platform for delivering more impactful customer experiences, our white paper, Modernize the Customer Experience with Your Apps: Delighting Customers Starts with the Right Cloud Foundation, covers the following topics:

  • Defining goals and requirements to ensure your modernization efforts truly make an impact on the customer experience
  • Determining the right mix of infrastructure technologies to underpin the application ecosystem that powers your customer experience
  • Assessing application readiness to understand which workloads are best suited for public, private, and/or hybrid cloud

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Intel knows the Future of the Cloud because they are building it. The Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform offers the next generation foundation for cloud services that can support your data-intense, latency sensitive workloads with hardware-enabled security. Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer businesses 1.65x higher system-level performance over prior generation, and for growing workloads like Artificial Intelligence, 2.2x performance over prior generation. From emerging new opportunities in AI and virtual reality to next-level media and transaction workload demands, running your cloud on Intel architecture provides the speed and responsive services you need on a trusted, agile platform.

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