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Nosso cliente Pte. Ltd. (Flextech) is a Singapore-based software engineering, data analytics and marketing automation company building its presence in the local mobile marketing space.

Os obstáculos que enfrentaram

Flextech needed expert support for its in-house application development process as it migrated from AWS to GCP, and prepared for launch of its flagship product, Flex Rewards.

O que conquistamos juntos

Flextech is now able to focus on the app development, customer experience and marketing of its flagship product, Flex Rewards, on GCP and Kubernetes.

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Como ajudamos


IT Transformation, Managed Public Cloud, Professional Services - Application Services / DevOps


Google Cloud

As our relationship with Rackspace Technology deepens, we are coming to appreciating its help not only with tech issues, but also with business and marketing in general.

Chris Tong
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