Ensure Cloud Adoption Success at Rackspace::Solve San Francisco


Ensure Cloud Adoption Success at Rackspace::Solve San Francisco

In recent years, the IT conversation has moved away from “Why cloud?” towards “What can the cloud do for me?”

Fully 95 percent of respondents to RightScale’s recent State of the Cloud Survey said they were using the cloud, either public, private, or hybrid. Companies have come to understand that if they are going to stay competitive, increase efficiency, and free up capital-expenditure costs, migrating to the cloud is necessary.

Now, let’s say you’ve just made the transition to the cloud. Was the migration seamless? Have you successfully tested your applications on each platform? Do you have the resources available to support your technologies on this new infrastructure? If you answered no to any one of these questions, you might be feeling some buyer’s remorse.

If you’d like to overcome your company's specific barriers to cloud adoption or regain confidence in your IT environment, register today for Rackspace::Solve San Francisco.

This dynamic and free one-day event puts you in front of the most innovative companies and brightest minds leading the world of cloud. Rackspace certified experts will be available all day to answer your questions and whiteboard solutions that work. As the largest managed cloud provider across the world’s leading clouds, we know the cloud doesn’t run itself.

Check out the infographic below for more statistics on cloud adoption trends, cloud challenges and the future of the cloud.

Solve San_Francisco_Infographic