Achieve cloud migration success for your patient-centric digital services

Nick Roberts

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Digital transformation is usually a gradual process. However, with such a fast pivot in 2020 toward digital solutions, remote work and the cloud, it’s as though 2025 arrived five years early. As a result of this rapid change, over 70% of CEOs are accelerating their digital investment plans to speed up their digital transformations.

But organisations — and those in patient-centric services in particular — need to be careful to avoid throwing money at their current problems. They need to prioritise investing in tools, solutions and processes that work in both the short- and long-term — and across the entire technology transformation lifecycle.

That means your IT investments should focus on:

  • Maximising tax payer revenue
  • Scaling services with in-built security and compliance
  • Having the agility to adapt
  • Leveraging multicloud for today and tomorrow

Let’s take a look at how Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Foundation Trust — one of the largest NHS trusts in the UK — transitioned to a secure, NHS Digital compliant cloud environment by focusing on these four key areas.


Maximising tax payer revenue

When money is tight, costs need to be predictable. And you need to be sure you’re getting the full value for your money and demonstrating best value to the Trust board. Hear how CNWL gained control over their cost and budgets — which, in turn, helped clinicians do their jobs better. 


Scaling services with built-in security and compliance

CNWL has grown dramatically, providing integrated healthcare to a third of London’s population and South of England with more than 300 different health services across 150 sites as well as offering services to customers overseas. With its new secure and compliant infrastructure, CNWL has the assurance that they have the processes and certifications they need, to protect their sensitive data.  


Having the agility to adapt

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, CNWL was already well established in its new compliant private cloud environment. As a result, they were able to scale from 200 people working from home to 2,000 concurrent home users, all in just 48 hours. They’re also now able to provide a broader range of services to their stakeholders, such as video consultations — freeing up time for face-to-face consultations for patients who need more in-depth time and attention. 


Leveraging multicloud for today and tomorrow

Rather than being consumed with maintaining data centre cooling, UPSs and racks, CNWL’s IT department now serves as a digital enablement team that supports their organisation’s transformations. They have a knock-on effect in the way CNWL delivers healthcare. Whatever the future looks like, their IT team is prepared to support the organisation with the right technology solutions.


Powering your patient-centric digital services

Our experts can help you tap into the technical resources and expertise you need, so you can focus on your mission. We offer highly secure and compliant enterprise-grade IT — along with extensive managed service experience and managed services — to help you transform your operations and deliver reliable patient-centric services. Learn more about our public sector solutions.