Casos de sucesso: SwipedOn


Nosso cliente

New Zealand-based SwipedOn grew from a tech start-up in 2013 to a global-leading visitor management system. Its frictionless visitor and employee digital sign in solution serviced over 70 million building-access movements by 2020.

Os obstáculos que enfrentaram

With an expanding global customer base, SwipedOn needed a technical partner who could support its AWS infrastructure and proactively react to any issues. It also needed support to optimize and scale as the company grows.

O que conquistamos juntos

SwipedOn is positioned to meet the growing global demand for leading-edge visitor and employee sign on solution with 24x7x365 support from Rackspace Technology. The company can now focus on user-facing features, instead of configuring and managing the infrastructure.

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Como ajudamos


Managed Public Cloud, Privacy and Data Protection, Security


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“We knew the business had to scale to support growth. We talked with a few parties, but we had the most confidence in Rackspace Technology.”

Matt Cooney
Chief Technology Officer
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