Casos de sucesso: PipeSearch


Nosso cliente

PipeSearch is a U.S.-based software company that connects and supports the global pipe industry through a range of technological innovations and ‘boots-on-the-ground’ infrastructure.

Os obstáculos que enfrentaram

To modernize demand fulfillment, PipeSearch wanted to build a comprehensive searchable global inventory of tubular stock. But existing inventories lacked common formats for data presentation and inventory descriptions.

O que conquistamos juntos

During week one, the machine learning model achieved over 80% results confidence — and this improved further. The solution helped PipeSearch expand its platform capabilities to the benefit of its customers.

Leia o estudo de caso

Como ajudamos


Business Intelligence, IT Transformation, Managed Public Cloud, Professional Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

“Using a combination of an agile approach with sprints and common tools, Onica helped us stay on track and delivered a successful solution."

Briggs Thompson
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