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Nosso cliente

Since 1984, Microcomputer Consulting Group, Inc. (MCG) has provided IT outsourcing services to over 100 clients who don’t have dedicated internal IT resources or would like to supplement their existing IT team, applying technology to solve business problems in a cost-effective, streamlined and intelligent way

Os obstáculos que enfrentaram

MCG’s clients were being besieged by a rapidly expanding onslaught of email phishing and ransomware attacks, and spam. Simple fixes to its existing email service did not improve security. The firm needed help to transition to a more secure email service.

O que conquistamos juntos

MCG’s clients gained a seamless email transition with no downtime. Now they enjoy sophisticated email security and spam-free inboxes. What’s more, Microsoft 365 gives them access to robust collaboration and communication tools that greatly improve the new work-from-home culture. Plus, MCG has gained new windows of business opportunity

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Como ajudamos


Email Hosting


Microsoft Office 365, Rackspace Email

“The Rackspace Technology team used a sophisticated approach to ensure a smooth transition from Exchange to Microsoft 365 email over the course of a weekend with no lost data and everything working.”

Ken Goldberg
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