Casos de sucesso: City Express

City Express

Nosso cliente

City Express is a hotel franchise, which has stood out for expanding exponentially, from 5 hotels in 2003 to 123 hotels in 2016, with a total of 13,702 rooms.

Os obstáculos que enfrentaram

City Express needed to keep its infrastructure safe and available in order to optimize hotel management, operation and marketing.  His goal was to achieve rapid and efficient communication between hotels and their headquarters.

O que conquistamos juntos

Rackspace has helped City express hotels achieve both technological and logistical improvements. Getting better support, the possibility of growth as well as the speed of reaction. City Express has found value in quantifying the savings in indirect operating costs to what they would have to incur in order to stabilize or to be able to achieve availability of all services.


Como ajudamos


IT Transformation, Managed Cloud


Dedicated Servers

“Rackspace has unique characteristics, they are fanatical people giving support.”

Francisco Fabregat
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