Azure Expertise for Your Hybrid Cloud

Efficient Deployment

Are you wasting time and effort re-architecting applications and learning new tools and management systems every time you need to change? Dev and IT admins can now build apps once — and deploy them to both public and private clouds — making the most of everyone’s time.

Standardize on Azure technology and its management portal to more easily shift, distribute and migrate workloads across public and private clouds.

Security + Cloud

Do you want to secure sensitive data without limiting the use of web or mobile applications? Financial services, healthcare, government and other compliance-conscious organizations can now leverage cloud features while isolating and securing important company data.

Azure Stack enables hyper-scale for front-end web servers while providing data isolation in a single-tenant environment.

On-Demand Resources

Does the nature of the data or applications you handle prevent you from using the public cloud? Now you can use Azure cloud services to rapidly spin up and down resources as needed.

With Azure Stack you can have it all — the rapid provisioning and on-demand resource deployment of the cloud, as well as the data isolation of a single-tenant environment.

Data Gravity

Do you use applications that process enormous amounts of “heavy” data? If so, you probably already know it isn’t always practical to transmit or store such workloads in the public cloud.

Azure Stack enables you to store and process large amounts of raw data locally, while delivering the hyper scale and global distribution provided by the cloud.

Get Started with an Azure Stack Proof of Concept


Get Started with an Azure Stack Proof of Concept

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