Managed Microsoft Hyper-V. Reliable Virtualization.

Hyper-V Works for Your Business, Not Around It

Thinking about moving your applications out of the data center? Concerned about keeping up-to-date on the latest redundancy options, or patching and monitoring updates? We’ll help you stay focused on more business-critical initiatives.

We’ll manage Microsoft® Hyper-V® for you, to help you:

  • Save money
  • Get resources online faster
  • Feel confident in your data security and disaster recovery solutions

And we’ll back your solution with our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and Fanatical Support® — available 24x7x365.

Web & Mobile Apps

The reliability of your websites and mobile applications is key to your success — your business depends on it. We’ll help reduce your risk of downtime by providing redundancy, server backups and a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee.

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Agile Test & Dev

Speed is critical to your IT, test and development environments. You can spin up unsupported VMs in minutes without charge — ideal for isolated environments.

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Disaster Recovery 

Business continuity relies on application availability. Hyper-V backups — servers and VMs — can help prevent costly business interruptions. Combined with high availability and geographic redundancy, Hyper-V helps ensure your systems stay up and running.

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Legacy Applications

Offload the burden of managing legacy applications running in your own data center. Moving your applications to Microsoft Hyper-V can reduce your costs, increase the security of your applications and allow your IT resources to focus on higher-value activities that drive your business.

Support for the eCommerce and Retail Industry

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