VMware Server Virtualization

Dave Cottrell

​Virtualization Manager - EMEA

  • Has a team of around 20 Engineers and 4 Architects
  • Works with an outstanding Product team to implement the latest features made available from VMware
  • Cares for an infrastructure with an ever evolving, ever increasing payload of 8000+ Virtual Hypervisors and 50000+ VMs.

Watch Dave's film to learn how his team combine expertise and Fanatical Support to look after one of the largest hosted VM Ware environments in the world.

Luke Mcfarlane

​Virtualization Infrastructure Engineer

  • Works with Architect Team to ensure Rackspace Virtual infrastructure operates optimally at all times
  • Carries out scheduled or emergency maintenance's, fixes, upgrades and planned upgrades to bolster security profile
  • Continually pushing boundaries to discover unknown benefits that can be assimilated into the Rackspace virtual profile.

Luke works to ensure the Rackspace virtual infrastructure works 24hrs a day 365 days a year. Watch his film to find out how.

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