Fanatical Support® for AWS

Human Experts Navigator® Aviator®
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Personal contact for ongoing business and technical assistance
Support of the AWS platform
  • 100% certified AWS engineers deliver Fanatical Support for AWS 24x7x365
PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • Certified Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider on AWS
  • We can act as a business associate to support customers with HIPAA workloads on AWS
Technical Onboarding Manager (TOM)
  • Personal contact to assist with onboarding

Provides initial guidance

Coordinates the process of getting your application up and running on AWS

Best practices and architecture
  • A combined set of AWS and Rackspace recommendations from certified AWS architects

Guidance for standard use cases

Hands-on design, customized to your specific application

EC2 operating system management
  • Support for Amazon Linux 2015.03+, CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 LTS
  • Configuration, optimization, patching, upgrades
  • Includes core apps like Apache, NGINX, etc.
Monitoring Alarm Ticket Management
  • Setup of Watchman monitors and response to Watchman alarm tickets 24x7x365 by certified AWS engineers
Monthly account review
  • Review AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations
  • Review Reserved Instance and other cost optimization opportunities
  • Technical environment review (alerts, performance)
Response Times

Urgent: < 1 hour
Standard: < 12 hours

Emergency: < 15 min
Urgent: < 1 hour
Standard: < 4 hours

Tooling & Automation Navigator® Aviator®
Compass — Automated best practice guidance for cost optimization, security, and more
  • Best Practices: More than 350 automated best practice checks evaluated against your AWS accounts
  • Cost Optimization: Billing dashboards, savings reports, cost alerting, and Reserved Instance purchase recommendations
  • Inventory Management: Cross-account and cross-region resource inventory, per service usage details, resource tagging reports, and more
  • Security: CloudTrail, Config, VPC and security group analysis, perimeter assessments, and IAM and permission reporting
  • Utilization: CPU and network heat maps and CloudWatch historical data retention and analysis
AWS Account Management
  • Simplified management of per environment (e.g., dev, prod) AWS accounts
  • CloudTrail and AWS Config preconfigured for comprehensive tracking and auditability
  • AWS root account password & MFA storage in secure credential vault
Identity and permission management
  • Single identity across Rackspace, AWS services, and EC2 instances
  • AWS IAM and STS security best practices implemented by default
  • Simplified cross-AWS account access
  • Seamless experience including AWS Console federation
Logbook – Unified record of cloud activity
  • Blended, time-series view of all Rackspace and AWS CloudTrail activity across all supported AWS accounts and regions.
Access to best practice CloudFormation templates
  • Ex: Opinionated VPC design including AZs, subnet sizing, public and private subnet layout, managed NAT Gateway, etc
Watchman – Primary Alarm Monitoring System
  • Support tickets are automatically created when CloudWatch alarms deviate from their expected values
Passport – Simple, secure access management of EC2 instances
  • Secure VPC access: On-demand bastion provisioning with fine grained network permissions
  • Secure EC2 access: Powerful, automated SSH key management across your entire fleet of EC2 instances
  • Brought together and made simple via a single access request
  • Full logging to Logbook

Customer & Rackspace use

Add-on Services Navigator® Aviator®
  • Assistance getting your app and data migrated to AWS
  • Depending on requirements, available from Rackspace and/or Rackspace-approved partners



Detailed Solution Design
  • Detailed AWS design based on application and requirements analysis


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