Let Rackspace help make centralized VM management across clouds easier

VM Management supports traditional operations as you transform

Every organization is at a difference stage in their evolution to cloud native. As organizations move works onto a combination of cloud platforms as part of their shift towards adopting multi-cloud strategies, it is vital to ensure all systems have up to date patching.

VM Management provides one hub in which VMs across multiple platforms can be managed, configured and reported upon. VMM simplifies the tasks you need to keep your environment secure and robust.

  • Multi-platform (private and public cloud)
  • Built in Reporting – easily pull real-time reports on infrastructure
  • Custom Patching – identify patches required and create custom schedules
  • Automation – Set patch groups and schedules to meet business requirements
  • API and Control Panel Based – Utilize simple control panel or leverage highly functional API
  • Simple Billing Model – Charge per VM per day
  • Instance Backups – Coming Soon!

With Rackspace experts certified in ever-leading cloud technology, why not leverage our expertise to manage multi-cloud environments and create great operational efficiencies?

If you are still unsure about next steps or have additional questions, please reach out to hear more about how VMM can benefit your business.

Start the conversation today by requesting a free quote or contact us to learn more about how VMM can reduce operational expense and overhead through automation.


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