AI/ML Is a Top Priority for Businesses, but Are They Realizing Its Value?

See the trends that will shape AI/ML in 2022

Our annual AI/ML survey results are in, and you can download our findings now. See how 1,870 IT decision-makers view the adoption, usage, benefits and impact of AI/ML — and their plans for the technology.

According to our survey, AI/ML is now the second-most important technology for IT strategy, trailing only cybersecurity. Organizations are seeing gains from AI/ML, but much of its potential remains untapped and unrealized. For example, the research showed that CEOs and COOs possess about half the understanding of AI/ML as CTOs.

That’s just a sampling of the thought-provoking revelations in our annual research report.

When it comes to AI/ML, we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface.

Where are things headed next?


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