Now Available On-Demand: Fueling Innovation and Improving Customer Outcomes

Discover How Your Peers Drive Innovation

What does it look like to be a digital innovator in 2019 and beyond? And does it require adopting the latest “cool” technology, or can you use your current technology in an innovative way?

Find out directly from your peers, Jeffrey Gill - SVP, Synchronoss, Patrick Kemble - CTO, Samba Safety and Bret Piatt - CEO, Jungle Disk, in our webinar, Fueling Innovation and Improving Customer Outcomes.

You’ll hear about:

  • The challenges they faced
  • The innovations they implemented
  • The impact the changes had on customer experience and business outcomes
  • Advice to other organizations undertaking IT transformation projects


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Jaret Chiles - Senior Director, Professional Services

Jaret Chiles

Senior Director, Professional Services


Jaret Chiles joined Rackspace in 2007 as a resident expert in the area of cloud adoption and information security. In 2012 he helped pioneer and lead a cloud solution architecture team that is leveraged for Rackspace’s most complex and...

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Jeffrey Gill

Jeffrey Gill

SVP, Global Delivery


Jeff Gill joined Synchronoss in January, 2007 and currently serves as Senior Vice President Global Delivery responsible for delivering Synchronoss’ technology and services to customers across the product portfolios – globally. His team partners...

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Bret Piatt

Bret Piatt


Jungle Disk

Bret leads Jungle Disk as the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. Prior to Jungle Disk, he led a 300 person SaaS business unit for Rackspace serving over 75,000 small businesses. Before that he had the opportunity to...

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Patrick Kemble

Patrick Kemble



As Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Kemble is responsible for aligning SambaSafety® technologies with business practices to drive revenue growth, savings, competitive advantage and operational efficiency improvements. He brings more than 20...

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