Get there faster with Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Google Cloud

It’s no longer enough to just “be in the cloud.”

You're increasingly under pressure to use cloud technologies to solve strategic problems, build new revenue streams and decrease costs. Google Cloud can help you reach these goals- and Rackspace Elastic Engineering can accelerate your journey.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering is our core solution for modern IT operations on Google Cloud environments. We provide your business with on-demand access to a team of highly skilled engineers – collectively called a Pod – who are trained and certified in Google Cloud Platform.

Our Elastic Engineering pod is available to collaborate with your organization to ensure you fully capture the benefits of Google Cloud. With that kind of experience on-hand, your teams are free to innovate while we manage your Google Cloud environments.

Not only do we leverage Google’s industry leading cloud native technologies such as Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run to modernize your applications- we also assess existing workloads for migration to target services such as Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud SQL.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Google Cloud helps you to:

  • Plan and build migrations into Google Cloud Platform
  • Manage, optimize and scale your environment with hands-on-keyboard support
  • Architect, design and deploy into containerized or serverless environments
  • Implement monitoring, logging and troubleshooting using SRE best practices
  • Create automated CI/CD pipelines through industry tools like  Terraform or Cloud Build
  • Enhance application security and reliability by taking advantage of Google's complete portfolio of products


No matter where you are on your Google Cloud journey, Rackspace Elastic Engineering helps you reach your goals quickly, efficiently, and securely with a team of on-demand experts by your side.



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