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Whatever your modernisation goals are, there’s a Rackspace Private Cloud solution that meets your needs. Today’s private cloud is more versatile than ever. For example, it can run a software-defined data center (SDDC) on top of a single-tenant infrastructure to create a complete cloud-like experience while opening up new possibilities for your business.

Private cloud is helping companies achieve a wide range of goals, including:

  • Moving from a capex to an opex IT cost model
  • Scaling transaction capacity in minutes
  • Moving out of the data centre while keeping applications and data nearby
  • Addressing compliance and security mandates

If you have special requirements, we offer custom options that range from colocation to bare metal. We also support industry-specific applications.

Each private cloud solution offers a full range of professional and managed services that are accessible to your teams at any stage of our engagement cycle: Advise. Transform. Manage. Optimise.

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“For the past three years, we’ve reduced our footprint, servers and workloads by about 20%. And we’ve reduced costs between 15% and 18% just through optimisation.”
Nigel Tazzyman, Deputy Director of ICT, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust Read this case study

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NHS Cnetral and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Exiting my datacentre

We know how hard it is to run a datacentre. It’s expensive to keep it always on and cooled, and its servers, storage, switches, routers and firewalls patched and secure. What’s more, the ability to staff data centres has become increasingly challenging.

This reality makes transitioning to public cloud that much more attractive. However, taking this step can be difficult and expensive. The solution is a hosted private cloud. It allows you to lift-and-shift your applications and data into a hosted environment, so you can immediately shut down your on-premises facilities. Also, that step can be a low-risk interim step on the way to public cloud, enabling fast realisation of a multi-year project.

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Repatriating a workload

Many organisations that jumped into public cloud through a lift-and-shift migration from an on-premises environment have found that certain workloads run less efficiently or at higher cost in the cloud. The reality is that the cost of running non-refactored applications in public cloud can be much higher than running them on-premises. As a result, many organisations want to move some workloads back into a more traditional IT environment. But without their own datacentres, they need a suitable host — one with the right facilities and services to run the returning workloads. Rackspace Private Cloud solutions allow you to run your software and workloads without the pain of repatriating your software or maintaining physical infrastructure.

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Avoid refactoring

Lifting-and-shifting to the cloud simply replicates infrastructure. Workloads typically run in a similar manner, but without the capabilities, advantages and benefits of cloud. Modernising an application is the solution but can be cost prohibitive for some organisations. A Rackspace Private Cloud solutions provide a way to gain both cloud benefits and avoid the expense of refactoring. 

For example, VMs and containers can be migrated directly from an on-premises or colocation environment to a managed private cloud, thereby, releasing capital and alleviating staffing issues.

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Solving for compliance

Compliance requirements are a major consideration for finance and healthcare organisations. For this reason, many organisations would rather be in a private cloud. In a dedicated private cloud, organisations will know for sure where their data is and how it’s processed. It’s like running their own on-premises data centre, but without the expense.

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Multicloud storage

An organisation’s data is its lifeblood. To maximise its value, data needs to be shared between workloads. In a multicloud environment, this can become expensive, because while there is no charge to input data into a public cloud, all public cloud providers charge customers for taking their data out and transporting it. If you need to share a lot of data between clouds, the igress charges could get very expensive.

The solution is Rackspace Data Freedom. This is a hosted private cloud storage service that charges considerably lower data extraction and transportation fees through RackConnect Global®, our private network connection.

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Skills shortage

Many businesses find it difficult to secure the skilled resources they need to not only operate their IT estate but also develop and modernise it. Rackspace Technology managed services can free up your skilled resources from the day-to-day tasks of running and maintaining your platform. Rackspace Elastic Engineering gives you flexible, on-demand access to a dedicated team of cloud engineers, who can help you modernise and drive better outcomes from your cloud transformation initiative.

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