Reduce your risk with expert DDoS Protection services

Prepare to Fight Back with DDoS Protection Services

With distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the rise, are you prepared to fight back? Organizations without a DDoS mitigation strategy in place could be left with two choices: pay the ransom or risk unexpected downtime. To keep business-critical assets up and running, enterprises — both large and small — need access to high-quality mitigation controls that can scale. And you need access to security experts who can stop DDoS attacks in their tracks.

Our security experts are available to work with you at every step to help minimize the risk of a DDoS attack. Some basic recommended steps include:

  1. Do not make the ransom or extortion payments.
  2. Bring in DDoS mitigation experts immediately.
  3. Turn on cloud-based DDoS mitigation services to block the attacks.
  4. Evaluate and enhance your security posture.
  5. Revisit your attack playbook and procedures.

Learn more about how to protect your organization. Download our e-book, “Nine Myths About DDoS Defense.”

Download our e-book, “Nine Myths About DDoS Defense.”


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