IT in the 2020s: Modernize, Innovate, Lead

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Discover how a modern IT strategy can lead to innovative customer solutions

Your business revolves around your customers. But does your IT? With the right IT capabilities and processes, you can deliver innovative solutions that solve customer problems.

Learn how from our panel of CTOs and CEOs, as they share their experience and advice during our three-part webinar series, IT in the 2020s: Modernize, Innovate, Lead.

Webinar Topics

Now Available On-Demand: Building a Digital Foundation to Lead in the 2020s

In our webinar, Building a Digital Foundation to Lead in the 2020s, you’ll learn about the value of changing your business model and processes with digital transformation, factors inhibiting organizations from reaching their outcomes, strategies for moving past inhibitors, innovative technologies and processes and how to partner with a service provider to get there faster.

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Now Available On-Demand: Modernizing Your Way to Innovation

In our webinar, Modernizing Your Way to Innovation, you’ll learn where to start and what to consider when modernizing IT, how to modernize IT with a digital foundation that leads to continued innovation and best practices to help manage the complexity and risk that comes with the increased focus of multiple clouds, migration of apps and data, tools and processes.

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Now Available On-Demand: Fueling Innovation and Improving Customer Outcomes

Find out directly from your peers, Jeffrey Gill - SVP, Synchronoss, Patrick Kemble - CTO, Samba Safety and Bret Piatt - CEO, Jungle Disk, in our webinar, Fueling Innovation and Improving Customer Outcomes.

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