Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop

Get a customized threat & vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and learn how to build and operate a more robust cloud security system.

Develop a strategic plan customized for your organization and based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts. Gain visibility into immediate threats and vulnerabilities across Azure, on-premises and multi-cloud environments, plus clarity and support on how to improve your security posture for the long term. The deliverable becomes the starting point for your dedicated Elastic Engineering for Security pod strengthening your organization's approach to hybrid security.

Workshop Agenda

  • Week 1
    • Kick-off meeting
    • Begin cloud discovery through the implementation of:
      • Azure Defender
      • Azure Network Security
      • Azure Security Center
  • Weeks 2 - 4
    • Threat exploration
    • Threat results presentation
  • Week 5
    • Engagement decommissioning

Workshop Outcomes

  • Analyze your requirements and priorities for a hybrid cloud security detection and response solution.
  • Define scope & deploy Azure Defender in the production environment, onboarding servers and other selected services.
  • Explore Azure Network Security capabilities and experience selected Azure Network Security products in a demonstration environment.
  • Discover existing hybrid workload vulnerabilities and learn how to reduce the attack surface area.
  • Discover threats to the included hybrid workloads and demonstrate how to investigate and respond to threats.
  • Develop next steps on proceeding with Rackspace Elastic Engineering and production deployments of Azure Defender and Azure Network Security to meet your needs and objectives.

Improve your cloud security posture with a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop followed by ongoing security operations leveraging Rackspace's Elastic Engineering for Azure Security.

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