Harness the exponential growth of data with Rackspace Technology and Amazon FinSpace

Data is what drives Financial Services organisations

Financial services organisations analyse data from internal data stores like portfolio, actuarial, and risk management systems as well as petabytes of data from third-parties, such as historical securities prices and alternative data. It can take months to find the right data, get permissions to access the data in a compliant way, and prepare it for analysis. Leverage Rackspace Technology powered by Amazon FinSpace, to remove the heavy lifting of building and maintaining a data management solution for financial analytics. With Amazon FinSpace, you can collect data in a secure data management environment and catalog it by relevant business information such as asset class, risk, classification, or geographic region, which makes it easy to discover and share data across your organisation. Amazon FinSpace supports your organisation’s compliance requirements by enforcing data access controls and keeping audit logs.


  • Find data with just few clicks: Amazon FinSpace makes it easy to store, catalog, and manage your data according to concepts common in the financial services industry like asset class and instrument type.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Rackspace Technology and Amazon FinSpace helps you meet your regulatory compliance requirements by enforcing data access controls and tracking data usage to generate compliance and activity reports.
  • Get insights in minutes: Amazon FinSpace reduces the time it takes to prepare your financial services data by providing over 100 pre-built data analysis functions. You can maintain previous versions of your data and easily compare datasets over time
  • Leverage Rackspace EE+ for Data: Rackspace EE+ for Data accelerates the adoption of Amazon Finspace by providing a dedicated team of data architects and engineers.

About Rackspace EE+ for Data

Rackspace Elastic Engineering Plus for Data (EE+ for Data) team works alongside your team to accelerate the implementation and adoption of Amazon Finspace by providing a dedicated team of data architects and engineers.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering Plus for Data offers full DataOps service to customers, including working with domain experts to set up Amazon Finspace-powered analytics. Our approach to migrating and modernizing data workloads into the cloud combined with EE+ for Data takes care of the heavy-lifting and softens the adoption of cloud services. We provide data migration and an agile and automated process-oriented methodology that improves the quality of data use, operations, and analytics while reducing cycle times.

Customers leverage Rackspace Technology data and business expertise to facilitate the adoption of Amazon Finspace and Self-Serve analytics. Our world-class support drives business value and allows timely decisions that significantly impact the bottom line.

We collaborate with domain experts to create defensible data architectures. We provide expert advice, best practices, development of process and team methodologies, and collaboration. The data platform management focuses on development, automation, and continuous improvement. We augment Amazon Finspace with exceptional support, including data pipeline management to ensure data movement, continuous operation, health & security.

Turnkey research environment integrated with your data and analytics

Rackspace Technology works with your organisation to help you simplify working with rapidly increasing market data sizes, leveraging Amazon FinSpace to accelerate the deployment of capital market research environments for quants, and democratising access to quantitative analytics for a broader set of your business groups. Rackspace Technology leverages Amazon FinsSpace to help you enrich analytics of data from many sources, such as data warehouses, marketplaces, internal systems, and vendors for analytics such as transaction cost analysis, ESG scoring, Factor Analysis, and back testing. Rackspace Technology helps you connect data pipelines, integrate your Active Directory with Amazon FinSpace, and set up the audit and security controls with built-in governance tools.

  • Business Data Catalog - Easy to use search and filtering, allowing self-service access for data scientists and analysts
  • Managed Spark Clusters: Scalable compute for PBs of data, with Kerberos authentication
  • Integrated Governance: Audit reporting and integrated permission management
  • Data Science Notebooks: Jupiter notebooks with integrated data access and catalog
  • Data Management – Database Migrations: Meet with a data solutions architect to learn how Rackspace can help modernise your databases.
  • Data Engineering – Data Modernisation: Meet with a data solutions architect to learn how Rackspace can solve your data challenges.
  • Data Intelligence – AI & Machine Learning: Meet with an AI solutions architect to learn how Rackspace can accelerate your path to innovation.

Data Services Assessment

Rackspace Technology helps customers handle increasingly large volumes of data effectively and economically by leveraging unbiased expertise to implement best-fit database, modern analytics, AI and machine learning solutions quickly. From strategy, planning and migrations to database management, real-time data analytics and predictive modelling, Rackspace Technology provides the professional services our customers need to accelerate adoption of modern data solutions while enabling timely, data-driven decisions for their business.