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Get architectural guidance and best practices for secure, performant, cost-optimised apps in GCP

It’s vital you get the most from your Google Cloud Platform environment. That’s why we're offering our Enhanced Architecture Review, free for a limited time. Setup a call with our certified Solutions Architects and let Rackspace help you on your Google Cloud journey.

The review workshop assesses your cloud architecture, analysing workloads across your GCP account, and provides you with a detailed report regarding your next steps.

Benefits include:

  • A detailed review of your existing environment and/or new workloads to be migrated to GCP
  • Advice on how to minimise system failures and operational costs
  • Best practice guidance on organisational setup, networking, security, architecture, billing, and more
  • Insight into delivering on the cloud value proposition

After the workshop, you will receive a full report that contains actionable items to resolve architectural concerns, and best practice guidance regarding key principles of your GCP environment.  We're happy to continue discussing how Rackspace can help implement the recommendations from your report or you're free to use the report suggestions on your own.  It's your choice.

Why Rackspace?

Rackspace is a premier partner with infrastructure and migration specialists, and was 2018 Google Migration Partner of the Year Award winner. We have over 380 Google certified Rackers, more than 2000 GCP customer projects under management, and in excess of 220 achieved certifications.

With deep expertise in everything from architecture and data engineering to security and development, we are an ideal partner to help you realise the best possible outcomes from your GCP environment, and enable success in the next phases of your cloud journey. We want to help you move or improve in the cloud.

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