Optimize your clouds. Overcome your challenges. See tangible results from our customers.

See how 10 companies generated results by focusing on optimization.


Today, more than ever before, businesses are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. To get there, IT leaders are being asked to leverage all the benefits of their cloud investments. The C-suite expects tangible outcomes — such as faster and leaner operations, better customer experiences and cost savings.

Companies are delivering on these demands by optimizing their cloud operations to achieve elastic scalability, stronger security, meaningful cost savings, resilient architectures, minimized downtime and service disruptions.

Our “Customer Case Study Anthology: Cloud Optimization” e-book gives you insight on the results that 10 companies achieved after undertaking cloud optimization projects with Rackspace Technology, including:

  • Echelon Fitness, which achieved elastic scaling and met 1,000% annual growth
  • Auto & General Southeast Asia, which increased its website speed by 60%
  • Zeotap customer intelligence platform, which reduced its operations load by 80%
  • Plus500, which addressed its compliance needs while bringing flexibility and scalability to its financial trading services

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