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Rackspace Technology is an AppDynamics top tier elite partner, reseller of AppDynamics and managed service provider. As a valued Rackspace Technology customer, we would like to showcase AppDynamics Full Stack Observability for your top application. AppDynamics is an application performance management solution that enhances application performance and visibility in the multicloud world. We will showcase how we can provide performance monitoring against your business KPI’s to show the health of your business and pilot AppDynamics' Secure Application. Contact us to set up a call with your team.


Suggested agenda for a call with your team:

  • AppDynamics/Rackspace Technology partnership overview
  • Review your top applications and any challenges
  • Observability goals and upcoming use cases
  • Next Steps – Showcase an app to show Business KPI’s and Health of the Business/Secure Application

Here is what we will provide:

  • 65% Reduction in outage hours
  • 65% Reduction in MTTR = Mean-time-to-resolution & RCA = Root Cause Analysis
  • 25% reduction in Incidents
  • 30% increase in defect resolution and fix 30% faster 
  • Release performance improved 50% faster

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