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In an ever changing and accelerating environment every ISV is looking to reinvent itself. For an ISV, there are a number of good reasons to change the way your company and your services are structured, the requirements and ask of your customers have changed, your company wants to be able to rapidly scale or you simply need to stay ahead of your competition.

Chances are that your company is facing the same challenges and you are responsible for solving them with your team. Some of the questions we get a lot – and help answer – when working with ISVs are:

  • What needs to change, technically as well as regarding our organizational set-up, to make sure we are ready for the future?
  • How should my company cope with the change from a license to a subscription selling model?
  • What should my target operating model look like?
  • How do I make sure everyone is onboard with the required changes?
  • Should we move our environment in a ‘lift&shift’ manner or start changing our application and way of working to be more Cloud Native?

Even if you are able to answer these questions for your company, you still need a proper roadmap to work towards success. To help you plan a successful journey, we created a tailored 4 hour Cloud Adoption Accelerator for ISVs workshop, free of charge.

The Cloud Adoption Accelerator for ISVs workshop can act as a starting point for your company to:

  • Outline the business case, justifying the transformation project you are planning
  • Create a technical overview of your current estate, both on infrastructure and application level
  • Identify risks & and challenges, which you are likely encounter during the transformation period
  • Create a Transformation Roadmap, which can act as a blueprint for further actions

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