Onica by Rackspace Technology’s AWS Container Accelerator

Quickly start, run and scale Kubernetes on AWS or on premises.

Fast-track/Accelerate your Kubernetes Journey in Only Six Weeks

If you’re looking to run and manage containerized applications at scale, while simplifying cloud operations and reducing expenses, then Kubernetes is a great fit. And services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) make it easier for you to run Kubernetes without needing to manage or maintain your own Kubernetes control plane.

But because the extensible nature of Kubernetes allows you to use a wide range of popular open-source tools and design features, building a tailored EKS cluster that meets your application’s specific needs can take a significant amount of time. Enter EKS Blueprints.

EKS Blueprints is a collection of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) modules that helps you configure complete EKS clusters that are fully bootstrapped with the operational software that is needed to deploy and operate workloads.

AWS Container Accelerator, delivered by Onica

Whether you're just getting started with containerization, or you're already managing workloads on AWS, Onica by Rackspace Technology™ offers a Container Accelerator service that’s designed to help you get to a well architected, production-ready and secure containerized platform in 6 weeks using Amazon EKS.

We’ll work with you to implement a Dev-to-Prod container delivery pipeline, and either containerize your traditional stateless web applications or migrate your existing container deployment to EKS. Go from start to a production-ready environment in just six weeks! 

Key benefits

  • Efficient and opinionated toolchain selection to help identify the best tools for the solution
  • Production-ready container deployment environment for delivery of a container-based workloads
  • A monitoring platform suited for container-based workloads
  • Working Terraform templates and scripts for deployment
  • Containerized workload onboarding and operations guide
  • Solutions powered by EKS Blueprints, allowing EKS clusters to be fully bootstrapped and ready for production workloads upon launch, and reusable for repeatable success
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