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Accelerate your IoT journey with AWS IoT at Rackspace Technology

As IoT is embedded across industries. The difference between innovators and followers often comes down to who can bring their solutions to market first.  However, the path to successful IoT implementation requires access to skills and tools that are both scarce and expensive. Without a solid strategy and the right skill sets, you could waste a lot of resources and fail to achieve expected results.

In the e-book, “Best Practices Guide to Accelerate Your IoT Journey on AWS,” you’ll learn how AWS IoT services and solutions allows developers to ingest, compute, analyze and store data for an optimized IoT experience at a fraction of the cost and effort. Download the e-book to discover:

  • Business use cases for IoT and industries that are leading the way
  • The foundational components that underpin IoT operations
  • Best practices and ways to avoid common barriers to successful IoT implementation
  • How the AWS IoT platform helps you move from concept to release faster   
  • An example of IoT development using 10 AWS services

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