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What is DevOps?

DevOps is an approach in which software developers and IT operations work together to produce software and infrastructure services rapidly, frequently and reliably by standardizing and automating processes.

How does DevOps work?

A clipped compound of the words “development” and “operations,” DevOps blends software developers and IT operations into a single team. Alternatively, it creates a work environment, culture and set of practices in which software developers and IT operations constantly communicate and collaborate in order to rapidly bring products and services to market.

Agile software development is similar to DevOps. However, agile development is more concerned with changing the way software developers and IT operations think, while DevOps involves actual changes in organizational structure, culture and practices.

Enforce Consistency

Enforce consistency by standardizing infrastructure provisioning and the software release process.

Work Faster

Deploy software features quicker with increased agility, quality and reliability.

Environment Provisioning

Spin up an instance of your application environment for development, test, performance, demo, blue/green, or when adding new regions.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Save on disaster recovery costs by spinning up new, on-demand instances of their application at a DR site in accordance with their recovery time objective.

How Can Rackspace Help?

We can help you get started, improve and optimize your DevOps structure. Whether you’re just transitioning to a DevOps-empowered organization or already there, our DevOps specialists can help you build culture, select tools and support software. Our DevOps products and services include:

DevOps Tools

We can help your company automate and monitor environments with an arsenal of DevOps tools for infrastructure automation, source control, monitoring, log aggregation and cloud integration.

DevOps language, software and web service support

We also offer DevOps support for languages, software and web services. Our support includes:

  • DevOps automation for apps built in these languages: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and Node.js.
  • Support for apps that leverage software platforms such as search, caching, distributed file system, frameworks and more.
  • Support for web service apps including Apache, Nginx, Tomcat and Jetty.

DevOps Professional Services

To help your company achieve its DevOps ambitions, our Professional Services team provides advisory services, numerous platforms and tools and ongoing maintenance and support. This includes:

  • Advisory workshops: Our experienced DevOps specialists work with your software development, IT and business teams to understand your business and develop a strategic roadmap.
  • On-demand products and services: Infrastructure automation and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflows implemented via tools and services.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support: Infrastructure automation and CI/CD workflows for organizations that lack the necessary in-house expertise.

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