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What is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring uses manual and automated tools to monitor, analyze and report on the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructure. For example, cloud monitoring tools enable you to test an application for speed, functionality and reliability — to help ensure that it is performing optimally.

Cloud monitoring is generally performed as part of an overall cloud management strategy, enabling IT administrators to review the operational status of cloud-based resources. It also provides a holistic view of cloud metrics, customer flow, log data and more. Cloud monitoring can be provided by a cloud service or a managed service provider such as Rackspace. It is also available as Software as a Service (SaaS), so you can independently monitor the cost, reliability and performance of your cloud infrastructure.

Why Use Cloud Monitoring?

Proactive Detection

Cloud monitoring helps you notice cloud anomalies, detect troubling patterns and identify emerging issues so you can fix small problems before they get bigger. Cloud monitoring can recognize unauthorized changes and website defacement more quickly than most IT staff will notice on their own.

Efficient Monitoring

Cloud monitoring helps you promptly discover the root cause of a problem. An integrated control panel enables your IT department to monitor your dashboard, alerts, metrics and other tools in one place — instead of constantly checking several different systems — so they can quickly trace the cause of an issue.

How Can Rackspace Help?

Cloud Monitoring from Rackspace is an enterprise-grade solution that helps keep your applications up and running fast—all of the time.

Infrastructure Oversight

Monitor all of your company’s IT infrastructure, whether it’s located on-premises in your own data center, off-premises at a colocation facility or in the cloud.

Customized Alerts Create

Customized alerts via the Rackspace control panel or API to monitor the performance of your websites, apps and other cloud infrastructure for your specific requirements. You’ll receive an alarm when a problem arises.

Global Visibility

Monitor your cloud infrastructure from multiple regions across the globe to ensure that your customers receive desired performance levels, regardless of their location. Our global monitoring system ensures your IT infrastructure is being closely watched, even in the event of a regional outage.

Simple to Use

Setup and monitoring are refreshingly simple. Rackspace Cloud Monitoring is included with every Rackspace cloud account, so there is nothing for you to install, maintain or upgrade.

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